Keith Urban comes to Nicole Kidman's aid during an uncomfortable moment on the 'Tonight Show'

In a recent episode of "The Tonight Show," Keith Urban came to the rescue of his wife, Nicole Kidman, during an awkward interview. The incident occurred when Kidman was a guest on the show and host Jimmy Fallon asked her about a strange encounter they had many years ago. Urban, sensing his wife's discomfort, quickly intervened to save the moment.

During the interview, Fallon brought up a story from a while back when Kidman and Fallon had an opportunity to date each other. Kidman shared that a mutual friend had set them up to go to Fallon's apartment, thinking there could be a potential romantic connection. However, Fallon seemingly was oblivious to this setup and merely thought Kidman wanted to discuss a potential movie role.

As Fallon continued to recount the story, Kidman's discomfort became evident. She playfully hit Fallon and tried to move on from the subject, clearly wanting to avoid any further embarrassment. Urban, who was sitting next to Kidman, could see her distress and decided to help her out.

Urban immediately chimed in, explaining to Fallon that he was unaware of this incident. He jokingly remarked, "Thanks for telling me, buddy!" His lighthearted comment broke the tension and allowed Kidman to relax. She then playfully teased Fallon, saying, "It was so obvious!" Fallon joined in on the laughter, diverting the conversation to a more comfortable and enjoyable topic.

This moment showcased the strong bond between Urban and Kidman. Urban not only recognized his wife's discomfort but also took swift action to rescue her from the awkward situation. His support and sense of humor diffused the tension, ensuring that the interview could continue smoothly.

The incident also highlighted the chemistry between Fallon and Kidman. Although the story involved an embarrassing moment, all parties involved managed to turn it into a laugh. Fallon, known for his comedic talent, skillfully used self-deprecating humor to lighten the mood, making it clear that no offense was taken.

Overall, the encounter demonstrated the importance of having someone there to support you during uncomfortable situations. Urban's quick thinking and witty remark saved Kidman from further embarrassment, showing that in a strong partnership, one can depend on their spouse for emotional support. As for Fallon and Kidman, they were able to turn an awkward story into a fun and memorable moment on "The Tonight Show."