What if a dog is as timid as a mouse and always afraid of strangers? Listen to the veterinarian's advice


Helping Your Fearful Dog Overcome Anxiety

1. Recognize signs of fear in your dog: flattened ears, cowering, heavy panting, tail between legs, avoidance of interaction, uncontrolled urination.

2. Build trust with your dog: create a calm and positive atmosphere at home, speak softly, gently touch and spend time with your dog.

3. Capture your dog's attention: teach basic obedience commands like "look at me" or "wait", redirect their focus away from fear-inducing stimuli.

4. Reward-based training: use treats and toys to reward positive behavior, encourage and motivate your dog without punishment.

5. Introduce your dog to strangers: gradually expose your dog to unfamiliar people, let them offer treats while you stand nearby for security.

6. Go for walks: start with familiar and less crowded areas, carry treats and toys, use distractions and games to alleviate anxiety.

7. Take it slow: allow your dog to adapt gradually, once they overcome challenges, they can enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable life, and you can both have fun outings together. Scientifically care for your pet at JuXiaoMeng. Get daily advice and practical training tips for a happier life with your dog.