Be careful! The eyes of a dog, once these conditions occur, indicate that it is sick


igns of a Unhealthy Dog's Eyes

1. Eye Lid Redness If a dog's eyes appear red, swollen, or inflamed, it indicates eye inflammation. Check for any noticeable differences in the size of their eyelids; if there are any, it means there's inflammation and the dog needs treatment.

2. Eye Discharge If a dog has some eye discharge, but it's not excessive, it may just indicate overheating. You can try feeding them a herbal remedy or non-irritating dog food. However, if there is excessive discharge, it could be a sign of diseases like canine distemper or infectious canine hepatitis, so immediate veterinary treatment is required.

3. Red and Swollen Eyes Red and swollen eyes are obvious signs of eye problems. This is usually caused by corneal or conjunctival inflammation. Start by applying some eye drops to your dog's eyes or use treats to get them to cooperate. Then, it's best to take them to the vet for a proper examination as delay may worsen the condition.

4. Cloudy Eyes Owners, especially of senior dogs, should watch for white cloudy substances in their dogs' eyes. This could indicate cataracts and a gradual loss of their vision.

5. Excessive Tearing Tearing can help clean dogs' eyes and remove debris. But if a dog's tearing is continuous or there's a change in the tears' appearance, it may indicate eye problems. It's best to have them checked by a vet.

Tips on Keeping a Healthy Dog: Given that eye discharge from dogs can be caused by overheating, owners should ensure their dogs' diet is light and avoid giving them heavy or fried foods. Opt for low-salt, non-irritating natural dog food. Including some fruits and vegetables in their diet will provide better nutrition.