After the dog was saved, he smiled every day to repay his kindness. He smiled for 12 years and forgot that he was a bad dog


In the streets of Brooklyn, New York, a stray pit bull was rescued by a kind-hearted man named Jon. The dog was brought to a shelter where they discovered a microchip and were able to find the owner's information. After months of searching with no luck, Jon decided to adopt the pit bull and named him Brooke. 

Twelve years flew by, and Brooke became a beloved member of Jon's family. Throughout the years, Brooke showed his gratitude by smiling. Whenever facing family members, he would unconsciously smile, expressing his kindness and gentleness. Brooke would smile in the morning to greet the family, smile when given food, smile when taken for a walk, and even smile when he was asleep. Jon created frames with many pictures and artworks of smiling Brooke and hung them in prominent places in their home. Seeing his own photos made Brooke even happier and smile brighter. 

As the beloved smiling dog Brooke gained popularity, many people sent their blessings. However, some less sentimental netizens believed that the dog's smile is a good thing, but it shouldn't be understood through human emotions. And that's the end of the story. Do you like dogs that smile?