The appearance of these 5 signs in a dog indicates that it is about to age. The owner should accompany it more

Signs of Aging in Dogs and How to Help Them 

1. Decreased hearing and vision: If your dog has difficulty waking up or easily startles when you approach, it may indicate hearing loss or deafness. Visit a vet for a check-up and early treatment.

2. Grey or dull hair: Most dogs start to develop grey hair around 7 years old. Improve their diet to slow down the aging process.

3. Decreased activity: Older dogs may become less interested in going for walks and prefer sleeping. However, regular walks are still important.

4. Slow movement and joint stiffness: Aging dogs may have slower metabolism and suffer from arthritis. Consult a vet for relief and provide proper nutrition.

5. Digestive issues: Older dogs may experience frequent diarrhea and vomiting. Feed them easily digestible and nutritious food like natural dog food. Conclusion: Take note of these signs to ensure your dog's well-being and proper care.