Is a dog's estrus period scary? Don't panic, as long as you do these 5 points well, the pet owner will not be troubled


5 Tips for Caring for a Female Dog in Heat

1. Maintain hygiene: Clean the secretion from the female dog's heat cycle to prevent infection and discourage male dogs from approaching.

2. Secure your home: Close windows and doors to prevent male dogs from being attracted to the scent and to keep your female dog from escaping.

3. Stimulate appetite: Due to hormonal changes, your female dog may have a decreased appetite. Encourage eating by adding probiotics to their diet or offering aromatic food.

4. Protective clothing: Consider using special dog diapers to prevent blood stains and protect your female dog from unwanted advances.

5. Balanced diet: Due to increased nutrient loss and reduced appetite, provide a nutritious and easy-to-digest natural diet with added probiotics and include fruits and vegetables.

When caring for your dog during her heat cycle, it is important to prioritize hygiene, safety, and nutrition.