Leave my daughter and dog alone at home, but when I come back to see them, I feel heartbroken. Dog: Don't say anything, come on, I'll bite the pillow and endure!!

Girls love to dress up, even from a young age. They enjoy not only dressing themselves, but also everything around them, including Barbie dolls and dogs. This is just a natural part of being a girl and wanting to look beautiful. One internet user shared a story that made them feel sorry for the dog. The user had a Labrador at home for their daughter. Since they couldn't always be there for her due to work, having a dog brought some joy to her life. 

One day, the user had to go out and left their daughter alone with the dog. At first, they were worried, but when they returned, they realized their worry was unnecessary. They felt sorry for the dog, who seemed like a lifeless tool, as their daughter had covered its body in stickers. It seemed like the dog was trapped and couldn't move.